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The Minute Physics Interactive Periodic Table of Awesome

Interactive Periodic Table

Henry Reich and Jasper Palfree have created an amazing interactive version of the Periodic Table. As you change temperature, you can see the elements transition between different states of magnetism. You can also see at what temperatures an element changes state from solid to liquid to gas. There is even an option to display temperatures in Fahrenheit for the heathens among you. If that isn't awesome enough, Henry makes clever use of Youtube, HTML5, and the interactive periodic table to explain how to destroy a magnet. You can also click on any element to see a clip, courtesy of Periodic Videos, about it. This is a great educational tool. I can't wait to see what Henry and Jasper come up with next.

Using Python to simulate quantum key distribution

I have been making the switch away from Matlab to Python recently. The excellent quantum toolbox in Python (QuTiP) has been one of the many bright spots, enabling relatively complex problems to be easily simulated. Catherine Holloway, a fellow IQCer1, recently switched to QuTiP as well. The QuTiP blog recently posted an article about Catherine's use of the toolbox to simulate a quantum key distribution system. Here is a link to her exceptionally well documented code: [HTML] [Python Source]

  1. I am not sure what the proper nomenclature is. Perhaps "fellow Institute for Quantum Computing-ite" is better