Using dance as a metaphor, I explain in this TEDxWaterloo talk the idea of quantum entanglement and how it can be used to build a super fast computer based on the laws of quantum mechanics. The talk features magic by magician Dan Trommater, a dance performance, live music with Roberta Hunt and her gents and nearly 500 dancers from around the world. Find out more about what went on behind the scenes here


Harry Potter lives in a universe where spells, wands, invisibility cloaks, and teleportation are part of everyday life. For the average muggle, like you and I, this world lies just out of reach. Or does it? In this talk I team up with magican Dan Trommater to show how similar the worlds of Harry Potter and quantum physics really are.

TEDxUW: The Poetry of Physics, Dancing and Life

Physics and dance are my two passions. In this TEDxUW talk I discuss how I have come to realize that physics and dance are deeply connected with one another.


Explaining Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics is a difficult subject to explain. The ideas we are presented with in the quantum world are so foreign to our everyday experiences it can be hard to relate to and convey them. In this talk I discuss why I think the tools that artists have developed are well suited for communicating with non experts the concepts and principles of quantum mechanics.


Everything has Rhythm

In this talk to 600 high school students, I discuss the relationship between light and atoms. When an atom becomes “excited”, it begins to “sing”, but instead of emitting sound, though, atoms give off light. Just as a guitarist plays different notes, an atom emits distinct colours. Featuring a special musical performance by Garnett Lollar.

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