This past weekend Jaime and I (along with our friends Nancy and Nyree) attended the Cardboard Fort Project, an event run by Chat Perdu Productions and sponsored by the Awesome Foundation Toronto. I took along my camera and shot some video which I have edited into a little short below. Unfortunately, my battery died before I could get footage of the final forts (which were awesome). Luckily there are plenty of photos up on Flickr already.

The event was organized by Sherwin. From the Awesome Foundations blog post on the night, Sherwin describes the event as:

> Like a cat, I think my favourite toy was always plain brown cardboard boxes. The holy grail when I was a kid was to get those discarded refrigerator boxes, because they were so big and creamy smooth. You got the feeling that you could make anything out of that. The idea behind this night is to bring back that feeling.

A big shout out to Sherwin, Chat Perdu Productions, and the Awesome Foundation for putting on such a successful (and awesome) event!

Jaime in her Cardboard Fort