Our double-slit experiment paper that was published this week in Science has generated a lot of media coverage. Here are some links to write ups about our experiment. I will update this with new links as they appear. Let me know in the comments if you come across any other coverage, and I will add the links here. Original Paper


- CBC's Quirks and Quarks Interview I did

**Press Releases**

- Press release from the University of Toronto - Press release from the Institute for Quantum Computing

These press releases have been picked up and are now being recycled on numerous other websites.

**Original articles covering our experiment**

- Science - Nature - CBC News - BBC (we made the front page!) And is the number 2 most shared and number 3 most read article! - Scientific American - Uncertainty Principle: The best overview on a technical level of what we did in our experiment. - Arstechnica - Physicsworld.com - Waterloo Record


- The Russian take on the experiment - This is what you get if you run the press release through Google translate and back

**[Update]** We hit Slashdot. **[Update x2]** Our experiment has been memorialized in song! **[Update x3]** Our experiment has been selected as Physics World's breakthrough of the year for 2011!

3DPlot trajectories through a double-slit apparatus