This is a talk I gave last year at the University of Toronto that used Harry Potter to explain quantum physics.  Topics covered included teleportation, quantum superposition, the properties of light, how rainbows are formed, how 3D glasses in movie cinemas work, quantum entanglement, and quantum computing. Magician extraordinaire Dan Trommater was on hand to help demonstrate some of the physics using magic.  The Space channel filmed part of the talk and are periodically running it over the next few months.  

Here is the blurb describing the talk: > The universe of Harry Potter is filled with magic and wonder. Yet it is not that different from the world we inhabit. Just beneath the surface of our ordinary lives lies a shocking quantum reality. This talk is an introduction to some of the cutting edge research being carried out in quantum physics today, and how it relates to JK Rowling's universe of Harry Potter.

Quantum Physics of Harry Potter

Unfortunately, while filming the talk the camera ran out of tape so the last few minutes are missing.  I plan on giving an improved version of this talk again this spring before the next movie comes out.  This time we will capture the whole thing.